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Programming in STEM Education

One of the most important parts of STEM education is computer programming. Ivy Seed provides students with the right resources to begin learning. 


Choose Your Program


Scratch is a visual programming language. Our Scratch program is designed to help young students primarily grades 1-6 to  begin learning programming. 

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Game Design

Our Game Development Roblox Program allows students to learn the fundamentals of computer programming in a fun and dynamic environment to design their own game. 


Python is a high-level programming language and one of the most popular in the world. Our Python program is designed for students in middle and high school. 



Minecraft is a famous sandbox game, and one of the best educational tools for kids in learning coding and designing. 


Our Learning Model

Students gain knowledge, learn elements of the core curriculum and also apply what they learn to solve authentic problems in real projects. PBL gives students the advantage of actually building their own projects. 

Project Based Learning (PBL)


Students collaborate and engage with each other to solve problems and learn. Students are immersed in a STEM environment through interactive activities. 

Interactive Learning


Self-exploration is the key to success. Our instructors try to be more like coaches who will help guide students to turn their ideas into reality.

Coaching Model


Program Location

345 Harvard St, Brookline, MA 02446

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