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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Looking for answers? You've come to the right place.

1. Why should  you consider our camp for your child?


  • Our summer programs are focused on developing a range of skills that will not only be fun and stimulating, but enhance your child's future opportunities at many levels.

    • Encourage interests in computer science and learn fundamental programming languages

    • Cultivate design thinking and creativity as part of a lifelong process

    • Learn coding and application development as building blocks and a springboard to designing each child's own products.

    • Experience how to build a high-tech company and begin to learn the prerequisite business skills, marketing research methods, and product design capabilities.


  • Our team of instructors and teaching assistant (TA) come from the top universities in the nation and are passionate about sharing their knowledge with the next generation. They are experienced in teaching children and bring their academic knowledge to bear. The staff we select are expected to be role models and mentors to our campers. 

2. Will my child make his/her own project by the end of the camp? 

Absolutely, each student will make their own project (game, App, etc.) by the end of the camp. The complexity of the project depends on the student’s learning progression.

3. Some camps have children ages 7-17. How do you manage a wide range of campers and ability? 


We will group campers by ages and ability after registration. We use multiple rooms based largely on ages. Our no more than 7-1 instructor to student ratio allows us to tailor the curriculum to each individual camper's aptitude. Our instructors are trained and highly skilled at teaching and mentoring different age children of varying ability. Campers who attend more than one session can continue to work on more complicated projects.

4. Do we need to bring a laptop to camp?


We will provide each camper a Mac laptop.Feel free  to bring your own, so all the projects can be saved directly to your computer. 

5. What's the special events at the camp?

Field Trip: There is one off-campus field trip each session. Past field trips have included:

  • MIT Media Lab

  • Local Google/Microsoft Offices or Other Tech Companies

  • Cambridge Innovation Center

  • Boston Science Museum (Tickets NOT included)

Guest Speaker Lecture: We will invite guest speakers (graduate students, engineers, entrepreneurs, even the founder of Scratch, 2018) to show kids projects that may spark their curiosity and creativity.  


Project Showcase: Parents are encouraged to attend the project showcase at 2:30 pm each Friday to see all the projects that your child and their fellow campers made throughout the program.


6. What's the time frame of the summer camp?


The time frame can differ by camp but a good guide would be:


8:30~9:00 am     Gathering at the pick-up/drop-off location

9:00~12:00 am   Class & Indoor activities

12:00~1:00 pm   Lunch Break

1:00~4:00 pm     Class & Outdoor Activities (Include One Field Trip)

4:00~4:10 pm     Class End


7. When and where should campers arrive at camp?


  • Drop-off @ 8:30AM - 8:50AM / Pick-up @ 4:10PM

  • Location: MIT/Harvard T Station

  • Parents will pick up campers at a different location on the field trip day.

  • No extended day option at this time.

* Detailed pick-up/drop-off location will be emailed by the Teaching Assistant (TA) one week before camp starts.  

* Parents are welcome to see the classroom environment before 9am.

* Pre-schedule with the TA is required for camp visiting and project showcase. For more details, please check the Parent Handbook.


8. Will lunch be served for campers?

           No, but afternoon snacks will be provided daily.

9. What does my child need to bring to camp?


  • Laptop (w/s required software);

  • Lunchbox (lunch will not be provided but snacks will be) and water bottle;

  • Camp Badge - distributed first day of camp

  • Camp T-shirt on Wednesday & Friday - distributed first day of camp

  • Sunscreen product (SPF>= 30);

  • Appropriate dress for the weather.


10. What does my child need to leave at home?


  • Listening devices or digital cameras;

  • Electronic games or toys;

  • Explicit t-shirts or other apparel deemed offensive, discriminatory or suggestive;

  • Knives of any kind or other weapons;

  • Drugs or alcohol; pets or other animals.

11. What if my child becomes sick while at camp?


If the camper is sick, we suggest the camper stay at home.  We will allow any camper to attend the following week to make up days missed.


12. Do you offer overnight accommodation for campers?


Yes, we offer overnight packages for international student groups. Campers will live in the dorm of Boston University. A basic overnight package includes a dorm room and meal plans. Minors under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult chaperon with a 1:10 adult-to-minor ratio.  Please note that the availability of the dorms will vary depending on the school's capacity.

For more details, please contact us at

13. Do you offer any scholarships or financial aid?


Ivy Seed Academy offers three different scholarship categories to support students’ development based on student merit and financial need.


1.    Ivy Seed Diversity Scholarship

Ivy Seed believes that every child has the right to be educated. This scholarship is intended to support and encourage the underrepresented group to achieve better performance in the technology area.


We offer four Diversity Scholarship every year.


2.    Ivy Seed Girls Power Scholarship

Ivy Seed aims to empower the girls who want to pursue academic achievement or a future career in the technology industry.


We offer three Girls Power Scholarship every year.


3.    Ivy Seed Academic Scholarship

Maintaining an outstanding school record means persistence and talents. Ivy Seed appreciates students who have good school performance and willing to encourage them along these lines.


We offer four Academic Scholarship every year.

To apply, please fill the application here:


We will begin to response to your submission starting from June 1.

           * Please note that students can only apply for one kind of scholarship at a time. 


Have a question that wasn’t answered here?  Email us at

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