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iOS Development 101

Swift is a powerful programming language for iOS development. Writing Swift code is interactive and fun. It can be a useful education tool helping students create Apps, explore the code and share their creations. 

12 Weeks  |  Mentor Guided  |  No Prerequs  |  Grades 1-12


12 Weeks
1.5 Hour/ Class

Hands-on Projects

Interactive Classes

Personal Guidance

Real Programming

The Swift language was designed to be accessible enough to be your very first programming language. It was designed to be easy to learn, yet powerful enough for professional developers. Students who learn Swift now will continue to be able to apply the skills they have learned when they become more advanced programmers because Swift has the capabilities for more advanced programming. Since Swift was launched by Apple Inc. in 2014, it has been one of the most popular programming languages and the primary language for building iOS Apps. Because iOS Apps are important and critical to the tech industry, Swift programmers are incredibly in-demand. 


Our Instructors


- Have a passion for helping young students to learn programming.

- Create a fun environment for students to learn in.

- Provide guidance and mentorship.

Our Learning Model

Students gain knowledge, learn elements of the core curriculum and also apply what they learn to solve authentic problems in real projects. PBL gives students the advantage of actually building their own projects. 

Project Based Learning (PBL)


Students collaborate and engage with each other to solve problems and learn. Students are immersed in a STEM environment through interactive activities.

Interactive Learning


Self-exploration is the key to success. Our instructors try to be more like coaches who will help guide students to turn their ideas into reality.

Coaching Model


Learning Outcomes

Throughout this program, students will-



1. Learn programming fundamentals

2. Know how to make an App

3. Explore Xcode environment

4. Complete iOS App design projects

5. Learn the Swift4 programming language


6. Bring their projects home

Program Location

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