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Meet Hayley Ye

The Programming Instructor at Ivy Seed Academy


Nov. 28.    5 min read

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How would you describe yourself as a programmer?

As a programmer, I prefer to solve problems step-by-step, breaking it down into smaller problems that are not as difficult. This makes solving the problem more methodical and easier to understand.

How would you describe yourself as a teacher?

As a teacher, I really care that my students fully understand the concepts. Teaching is not just about having a finished and working project at the end of the class; it’s about learning through the process and gaining skills that can be used in the future. I want my students to be able to learn so much that they could do a similar project themselves, because that way they will truly feel accomplished at the end, having created something entirely on their own.

What do you love about Swift?

I love that Swift is so easy to learn. It is a high-level programming language, so it is simple enough to learn and even easier to understand. I also love that iOS app development is very easy once you know Swift and understand the Xcode interface.

Why should kids start learning programming?

Kids should learn programming because it develops very important skills that can be applied to all other aspects of school and life. Programming teaches problem-solving skills, as well as patience and persistence. All coding problems and projects require the ability to divide up the problem or situation into smaller problems and address each one individually. It requires a certain amount of creativity that is essential to problem-solving. Of course, bugs and other issues are inevitable in programming, so developing the patience to and persistence to continue debugging and working through your code without giving up will pay off when you are finally successful.

How would you describe your teaching philosophy?

My teaching philosophy is that fully understanding the fundamentals is the most important. When I teach programming, it is so important to me that my students understand what classes, objects, functions, and variables are and how to use them. They do not necessarily need to know what the code command is for creating a new function, because that can easily be found online, but they must know how to use it within their code.

What has been your favorite memory at Ivy Seed Academy?

My favorite memory at Ivy Seed Academy is seeing my students debug their code successfully. It is so enjoyable to see the happiness they experience when they are able to solve a problem on their own, and to be able to see the direct relationship between what they have learned, and what they have created on the computer screen.

This is my favorite part of teaching because it shows me that my students are truly learning and gaining skills from what I teach them.

Why do you suggest students learning programming at Ivy Seed Academy?

Students who learn programming at Ivy Seed Academy have the opportunity to work on their own unique project that they design and build. We have programming classes and summer camps for students of all levels, children who have never programmed before as well as those who may have more experience programming. The learning environment at Ivy Seed Academy is fun and interactive, each student receives personal guidance from instructors.

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