Game Development Roblox

Summer Camp 2020

Our Game Development Roblox Program allows students to learn the fundamentals of computer programming in a fun and dynamic environment to design their own game. Students are able to use their creativity to solve problems and build the games that they love to play. 

Age 10-18 |  5 Days |  No Prerequs  |  Grade 5-12 | Ratio 1:7


Computer Science Behind Game Development

From Super Mario Bros to Angry Birds to Pokemon Go, games affect people's lives whether you notice it or not. However, there are many psychological and design principles behind those games that you may not realize. Through our program and game-based projects, students will learn the fundamentals of programming and understand how to design game characters and buildings. Students may be able to publish and even sell their games and designs online. 


Game Development Roblox


Summer Camp 2020

7/27 - 7/31



Timing: 9:00am - 4:00pm

Location: Harvard Campus

15 Left



Location: Harvard Campus

Timing: 9:00am - 4:00pm

8/3 - 8/7

15 Left

Instructor: TBD

Instructor: TBD

Throughout this program, students will-



1. Learn game design principles

2. Design your own game characters and buildings

3. Learn to code with game-based projects

4. Publish final game projects on Roblox

Learning Outcomes

Future Applications

Our Game Design Program allows students to learn the fundamentals of computer programming and Python code in a fun and dynamic environment to design their own games. Students will be able to use their creativity to solve problems and build the games they love to play. 

3D Video Game Development

Game Art

Software Game Design

The video game industry is a thriving industry all around the world. The top game companies, like Sony, EA, and Microsoft, have high demands for creative game design talents every year.

Game design is a large field, from storyline development to graphic design, and to programming the various features of the game. 

Different types of games come out every day and it can be difficult to keep up with the new technology. Learning the programming skills and the software that is used to design games will be useful for years to come.

Meet Our Instructors

Our team of instructors come from the top universities in the nation and are passionate about sharing their knowledge with the next generation. They are experienced in teaching children and bring their industry knowledge to bear.

“Ivy Seed has been more than just a camp – it has been the beginning of a student’s career.”

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A Typical Day Includes


5 Hrs 15 Mins 

Students will learn programming skills from instructors, and then be able to explore and practice these new tech skills on their own and in collaboration with their peers. 

Activities & Socializing

45 Mins

Students will participate in indoor and outdoor STEM activities. These activities enable students to make new friends and experience campus life at top universities. 

Individual Projects

As Appropriate

Every student will have time to focus on their personal projects and work one-on-one with the instructor to gain the most out of the program. 

STEM Activities

Doing STEM activities is a fun and interactive way for students to get to know their peers and instructors while also learning important computer science concepts. They will play games which are based on the ideas of binary numbers, computer logic, and image representation, just to name a few.

Program Locations

Harvard Campus

MIT Campus

Ivy Seed is an online STEM coding education platform providing online coding classes and summer programs for kids 6-18. We are dedicated to providing a high quality and broad curriculum. Our program development team is from MIT and Stanford University. Presently we serve students from the United States, Chili, Turkey, China, South Korea and India. 

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