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Ivy Seed Academy

Summer Camp 2019

Harvard / MIT Campus


High-quality Standards

Hands-on Projects

Interactive Classes

STEM Activities

Meet Our Instructors

Our team of instructors come from the top universities in the nation and are passionate about sharing their knowledge with the next generation. They are experienced in teaching children and bring their industry knowledge to bear.

“Ivy Seed was more than just a camp – it was the beginning of a student’s career.”


Our Camps​

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High-tech Incubator

Age: 13-18

Coding with Minecraft

Age: 7-12

Robotics Programming

Age: 10-17

Game Design

Age: 10-18

Scratch Programming

Age: 6-12

UI Design

Age: 7-17

 iOS App Development

Age: 7-17

Python Programming

Age: 10-17

Ivy Seed Pathway

Through participation in Ivy Seed summer camps, after school and online programming, we envision students developing skill sets to support meaningful academic progress. These students should enjoy greater opportunities for educational and professional advancement toward their dream careers.
Cultivate design thinking and creativity as part of a lifelong process
Experience how to build and grow high-tech venture learning business skills, market research methods, and product design
Learning coding and application development can help your ideas come to life
Build an interest in computer science & learn the fundamental programming language

STEM Activities

Doing STEM activities is a fun and interactive way for students to get to know their peers and instructors while also learning important computer science concepts. Students will play games which are based on the ideas of binary numbers, computer logic, and image representation, just to name a few.


A Typical Day Includes



5 Hrs 15 Mins

Students will learn programming skills from instructors, and then be able to explore and practice these new tech skills on their own and in collaboration with their peers. 


Activities & Socializing

45 Mins

Students will participate in indoor and outdoor STEM activities. These activities enable students to make new friends and experience campus life at top universities. 


Individual Projects

As Appropriate

Each student will have time to focus on his/her personal projects and work one-on-one with the instructor to gain the most out of the program. 

Program Locations

Harvard Campus

MIT Campus


Request A Brochure

Find out what STEM education is all about; check out a few of our program introductions; and learn how we're committed to being a good STEM education organization.

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