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AI Summer
Camp 2023

Ivy Seed AI program allow student to explore the thrill and excitement of a fast-growing technology industry. It includes real-life and future applications. In the course, you will learn: coding, UAV delivery and search and rescue, mapping, autonomous flight, photography, and visual arts. Student could take advantage of the geographical of the camp to learn the UAV application safely and interestingly. Through classroom teaching, flight simulator and actual flight operation, we will introduce UAV operation to students. The course will include the introduction of small UAV system, commonly used UAV System Laboratory (UAS), UAS Sims and 3D drawing and rendering software.

Age 13-18 |  5 Days  |  No Prerequs  |  Grade 8-12 | Ratio 1:7


Why Robotics ?

Robots are everywhere in our lives, whether we notice or not. Remote-controlled toys are robots, and so are other less noticeable things like toasters and vending machines. Most manufacturing factories have robots that do the majority of the manual labor. More and more things in our daily lives are becoming automated with robotics, and it is important to understand the science behind these devices in order to understand the future. Just like computers, robotics helps make our lives more efficient and productive. 



Summer Camp 2023


Time: 9:00am - 4:00pm

Location: Harvard

15 Left

Instructor: TBD

7/27 - 7/31


Learning Outcomes

Throughout this program, students will-

1. Learn to build, program and command a robot

2. Design a driverless automated wheeled robot

3. Program your own robot behaviors

4. Learn programming with robots

5. Complete six different projects

LEGO Mindstorms EV3 Robots


We use EV3 robots for the program, EV3RSTORM is the most advanced of the LEGO® MINDSTORMS® robots. Equipped with a blasting bazooka and a spinning tri-blade, EV3RSTORM is superior in both intelligence as well as in fighting power.

Future Applications

Our Robotics Program gives students the opportunity to build and program their own robot, learning important programming and problem-solving skills through the process.  More and more things in our lives are becoming automated with robotics, and it is important to understand the science behind robotics in order to understand and prepare for future technology.


Personal Robot

Machine Learning

Because of the increasing prevalence of robotics and computers, it is important for students to understand the computer science concepts and programming in order to be well-prepared and successful in the future. 

Whether we notice it or not, robotics surrounds our daily lives. There already exist personal robots that act as an assistant, personal helper, or just a voice to talk to. As robotics becomes more popular and accessible, these personal robots may also become more common. 

Computer scientists are developing new techniques of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning so that someday in the near future, robots and computers may be able to think and make decisions the same way that humans do. 

Meet Our Instructors

Our team of instructors come from the top universities in the nation and are passionate about sharing their knowledge with the next generation. They are experienced in teaching children and bring their industry knowledge to bear.

“Ivy Seed has been more than just a camp – it has been the beginning of a student’s career.”

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A Typical Day Includes



5 Hrs 15 Mins

Students will learn programming skills from instructors, and then be able to explore and practice these new tech skills on their own and in collaboration with their peers. 


Activities & Socializing

45 Mins

Students will participate in indoor and outdoor STEM activities. These activities enable students to make new friends and experience campus life at top universities. 


Individual Projects

As Appropriate

Each student will have time to focus on his/her personal projects and work one-on-one with the instructor to gain the most out of the program.

STEM Activities

Doing STEM activities is a fun and interactive way for students to get to know their peers and instructors while also learning important computer science concepts. Students will play games which are based on the ideas of binary numbers, computer logic, and image representation, just to name a few. 

Signup Sessions

Program Locations

Harvard Campus

MIT Campus

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